Revenge is a dish best served cold. ~ Khan Noonien Singh

Waking up the past few days it is becoming more apparent. Summer is fading fast and Autumn is rapidly approaching. I can tell by the frosty mornings around these parts. Oh, I’m sure we’ll get our flashes of warm days again, but “you-know-what” is on its way. I have much to do before that time runs out.

But let us address the issue of cold. We’ve seen folks with “cold” attitudes toward things. We’ve dealt with temperatures that were not so temperate. Who doesn’t like a cold beverage on  those warm days? Or a chilled glass of wine? An ice-cold beer? Who doesn’t scream for ice cream? Gazpacho teases the palette in a very cool way.  And let’s not forget all of our brothers and sisters who have suffered through the ravages of mother nature with the hurricanes and floods and earthquakes, leaving them “out in the cold.” So, embrace something cold and tell us about it in your poem.



A constant rain kept falling for three days
to saturate the grass and feed the streams.
Autumn weather cannot be predicted.
The atmosphere was draped in foggy haze
and attitudes inflamed to shatter dreams!
Such is life the way it is inflicted.
Another rainy day in Buffalo.
We pray for days in which the sunlight beams
But days like those cannot be predicted.
And soon we will be knee deep high in snow.


16 thoughts on “HERE COMES THE COLD

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  2. Praying for Rain

    I pray for rain – a fervent
    supplication for
    heavy, driving rain to wash
    away my tears
    I pray for clouds to reign
    in the sky – blotting out
    all traces of the sparkling sun
    a grayness covering the memory
    of your smile
    I pray for thunder that rumbles
    rattling windows and shaking
    my soul until it becomes numb
    and I can trudge onward
    I pray for winds to whip and toss
    my sorrow into tatters – small
    pieces that can be endured
    one at a time
    I pray for the calm that follows
    a storm where my grief can
    learn to live
    not exactly about cold, but it gives me a cold feeling


  3. connielpeters

    Catching up on my own poem a day.

    Catching Cold

    Oh, the hacking and the sneezing that goes on.
    The sniffles and the wheezing, it is wrong.
    I’d rather see your smiling face with not a trace
    of that disgusting…never mind.
    Get the elixir. You sure need it sir.
    And you’ll be right as rain in no time.

    Bath Time on a Cold Morning

    See her shiver with goosebumps on her arms.
    It’s bath time again. How can you do this to her?
    She craves the fresh-dried towel out of the dryer.
    I’m no liar. It’s a cruel, but a necessary kindness.
    You must be clean, my dear.
    Wash off the grime, my dear.
    And it’s clear, you’ll be fresh as a daisy in no time.

    Cold Shoulder

    He gives me the cold shoulder
    with steely gray eyes.
    His nose points up yonder.
    He thinks he’s so wise.
    But then the quarrel passes,
    and it’s no surprise
    He’s ready to hug
    and give those sweet kisses again.


    C entigrade’s dropping
    O ne degree at a time.
    L ets get out the winter coats, but
    D o those summer things, while temp is fine.

    Autumn Cold

    Jackets line up on the back of the couch.
    Cover up the AC, turn up the heat.
    Leaves are turning golden yellow.
    Autumn weather can’t be beat.

    But soon the snow will be falling
    And the streets will be of ice.
    Let’s stay in where it’s cozy.
    Being with you will suffice.


  4. Cold Indifference

    She emanates cold.
    Chill winds drift
    from her body, freezing
    all people and animals
    in wide circumference
    around her. She is a storm
    path, spreading disaster.
    After departing, ripped
    out hearts, and hungry
    howling dogs are all
    that is left.

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  5. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    ‘East West, Home’s Best.’ North South, Same Truth

    They cry, ‘Here comes the cold!’
    those Northern Hemispherists – bold
    to ignore the other half of the world.
    (Sigh!) That’s getting old.

    Here, the cold is leaving. How sweet
    to contemplate the return of heat.
    Never mind what excesses we may meet
    as we globally warm – still a treat.

    Here in the sub-tropics, anyway, cold
    is fleeting and slight. We find it sweet
    that our winters are meek and bland, not bold
    and harsh. We welcome the caress of heat.

    Cold north, warm south; the twain don’t meet,
    can’t cross from opposite sides of the world.
    Never mind change or seasons, that much is old.
    And perhaps we may count it a treat.

    More and more I love home, as I get old.
    When I was younger I travelled the world
    and sampled other climates. Oh, I was bold!
    Now – in all weathers, home keeps out the cold.

    (I attempted a ‘Martin verse’, invented by Martin Kloess. Not easy!)

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  6. Dregs of Irma Blues

    Chilly today
    and rain.
    the same.
    More water
    than September sees
    in two or three years.
    Farmers’ Almanac
    predicts a cold winter.
    I’m no farmer, but
    I’ll bet that
    come this weekend,
    when the sun comes out,
    so will the mosquitos.

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  7. flashpoetguy


    Despite the harshness of this winter morn
    I will maintain myself in joyous mood,
    pretend the season’s cold in all its rude
    annoyances of wind and snow this dawn
    will disappear, the verdant green of lawns
    return again as when in spring bedewed
    the flowers blossomed, a welcome prelude
    to summer and all living things reborn.


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  8. SEVENLING by Mrs. C (Here Comes The Cold)

    Crunch of autumn leaves underfoot
    as crisp air turns cheeks pink.
    Scent of a fireplace somewhere in the distance.

    Snowstorms around the corner
    with biting cold temps, cold stiff joints
    and little sun.

    Here comes the cold, and the Season of Hope for all.

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