We will be toying with the ACROSTIC.

An ACROSTIC is a poem (or other form of writing) in which the first letter of each line (or paragraph, or other recurring feature in the text) spells out a word, message or the alphabet. As a form of constrained writing, an acrostic can be used as a mnemonic device to aid memory retrieval.

A simple ACROSTIC may merely spell out the letters of the alphabet in order; such an acrostic may be called an ‘alphabetical acrostic’ or Abecedarius.

Now for the “what” of the poem.

Today, September 22nd, is the official First Day of Autumn. And our thoughts turn to the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of this flamboyant season. I’m thinking apple cider and pumpkin pies, the cheers of a football crowd and visions of the many vibrant hues as the leaves change their colors before they fall and we rake them into piles and in some circumstances are able to burn them adding another aroma of familiar times. Choose something of Fall or that reminds you of Fall and make that your title/acrostic poem.



Aromatic and sweet,
Purely a treat when
Pumpkins are prevalent.
Liquid love in abundance
Every sip makes taste buds dance.

Crushed and filtered,
In quarts or gallons,
Doughnuts come in tandem
Even apple pies will suffice,
Respite ripe for the pickin’.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017


20 thoughts on “FORM FRIDAY – ACROSTIC

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  2. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    A bit late, sorry (a triple acrostic) —

    Autumn on the Tweed

    As I drive alongside the river
    under a sunny sky,
    the air seems blue and golden
    up and down my way –
    my way along the river
    now, and spreading forever.

    Always it seems forever,
    unbroken days of perfect weather,
    Tweed River sparkling lazily –
    untroubled, expansive,
    mimicking Spring or even Summer. But
    no, it’s Autumn; that rich, warm season.

    Autumn was always my favourite time
    under Heaven, as the earth rolls around
    to repeat its cycles over and over
    until time spins to a standstill and stops.
    Must we think of that while the sun is shining?
    Never! Let’s rest in the heartbeat of Autumn.



    Fall has been no fall at all.
    Oh temperatures of ninety-plus,
    Oh flip-flopped feet, and let’s discuss
    The fact that fall’s already short!
    Bales of hay and gourds consort
    Apples, boots, and pumpkin pies,
    Leaves of scarlet, deep blue skies. Maize is shucked, now
    Let’s go Bucks!

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  4. connielpeters


    O range, yellow-orange, purplish-red
    R ed maple trees lining the road
    A rtistic brilliance in every mile
    N umbers of people
    G awking at beauty
    E nergy rising as temperatures fall

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  5. connielpeters


    C rispy, crackling leaves crunching under foot
    R acing through the breeze as summer goes kaput
    U nderneath the moon
    N ew adventures soon
    C rispy, crackling leaves raked into a pile
    H aving autumn fun, leaping with a smile
    I recall those autumn days of when I was a child
    N ow the autumn of life is approaching. I’m
    G oing out with style.

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  6. Okay. I’ll try again …

    Wood Smoke

    Wax the moon, and scrub the sky,
    Our days of summer,
    Our ways of green.
    Drown in amber, ruby leaves,
    Still as baby’s sleep, still
    My days shall speed.
    Oh when winter comes, blossoms
    Kiss us bye. Greenest promise,
    Ever after, summer falls.

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    After the summer comes to an end
    Ushering in a new season again
    The air becomes brisk and biting
    Undulating leaves don their majesty.
    Months until the solstice returns
    Nature yearns to display her beauty
    Autumn dressed flamboyantly
    Lusciously warm in tint and hue.

    Evenings fall much sooner
    Quickly vacating the ever changing sky
    Under the sheen of stars as dinner time ends
    Inside we huddle under the cloak of night
    Never more certain Autumn has arrived.
    Over through the window a harvest moon sheds her light
    Xanadu is envious of this idyllic paradise

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